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EBSOMED Consortium Special Session

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EBSOMED Project Consortium

Business Country Desk – Training Workshop: EBSOMED Consortium Session

The Business Country Desk, BCD, is an initiative designed by BUSINESSMED and is one of the key instruments implemented in the framework of the EBSOMED project, a EU co-funded project. Falling with the action line “MED Link - Linking economic actors in the Euro-Mediterranean region”, the Platform allows to:

  • provide access to reliable data shaping the business climate (Trade / Investment) of Southern Mediterranean countries;
  • promote, foster and support synergies, and networking & B2B opportunities;
  • connect economic operators in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and initiate and develop North-South and/or South-South business partnerships.

Thus, the Business Country Desk represents not only a real catalyst for the commitment of all partners at local, national and regional levels, but also a privileged space for the promotion of talent, internationalisation and the private sector in the Mediterranean region, pinpointing innovation and the sectoral approach as key priorities for the coming years.

The BCD will serve the business community in the future with a regional online tool and a database of contacts at macro, meso and micro levels, following a multi-dimensional and multi-stakeholder approach, opening up more inclusive and sustainable growth prospects.

In this context and within the framework of the EBSOMED project, BUSINESSMED is implementing a series of training webinars with the aim of providing an introduction to the BCD platform and its mode of operation.

This first session is addressed to the representatives of the member organisations of the EBSOMED consortium and will be followed by targeted trainings for SMEs and country representatives.

The objectives of the webinar are:

  • Introduce the platform, the aim of its implementation and its main features;
  • Outline the benefits for the EBSOMED network;
  • Train consortium members on how to use the platform effectively;
  • Inform and train the consortium on the potential value of using the "EuroMed Business Matching" tool to organise their future activities;
  • Explore and collect the needs and expectations of the consortium members with a view to improving future services, especially in the time of COVID-19.